Photo: Sheila Addleman

Elizabeth Atcheson is the founder of Blue Bridge, a career counseling practice in Seattle that focuses – through workshops and individual coaching – on helping clients make career changes or start their careers. Her own 36-year professional career has focused on marketing communications and human resources; she has held marketing and management positions in an advertising agency, a graduate school of business, a national non-profit land conservation organization, a specialty foods marketing consulting firm, a non-profit publishing organization, a market research firm, and an independent K-12 school. Her experience in a wide range of professional settings, combined with her career counseling skills and intuitive gifts, give a precisely targeted rocket-boost to clients.

Elizabeth holds a B.A. in Psychology from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. She serves on the boards of two San Francisco foundations, the Mary A. Crocker Trust and the Rosenberg Ach Foundation, and is the mom of two college-age daughters.Her mission in life is to help others identify their true calling and to give them the personal narrative, supporting materials, and self-marketing skills to get what they want. She is an experienced professional, a skilled marketer and consultant, a strong advocate, and a supportive coach. Together, you will succeed in finding your next, best work.

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