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Services & Pricing

I offer both individual career coaching and workshops. Please continue reading for details on one-on-one coaching!

My hourly rate is $250, and I invoice in partial-hour increments, keeping track of minutes.

Coaching areas include:

    1. Direction, strategy, target occupation/field; “what, exactly, should I be doing??”
    2. Marketing communications materials such as resume, cover letter, LinkedIn
    3. Exploding your network and conducting informational meetings to get into interview pools
    4. Preparing for phone screens, job interviews, salary negotiation
    5. On-the-job coaching to navigate thorny situations, propel your professional growth, or develop an exit strategy

There is no commitment to a particular amount of time or a package of services; I work with clients to give you the guidance you need, and you’re welcome to establish a budget.

I work M-F, 8am-6pm Pacific time, and do not schedule weekend/evening work except for emergencies such as interview prep or salary negotiation.

Most clients save money by taking one of my very affordable workshops first – either Tools for Transition ($98) or Combatting Ageism in the Job Market ($49).

Payment is made with any credit card, PayPal, checks, online bank payments, Venmo, or cash. Career coaching services in some cases are tax-deductible; check with your accountant. In my work with clients I share many materials I have already developed and for which there is no additional charge, such as career assessments, personal narrative worksheet, informational meetings guide, LinkedIn checklist, sample cover letters, job interview prep docs, etc.

Some 20% of my clients are paid for by others, most often parents or caring friends – ask them for a birthday or graduation present that will be an investment in your future!

Because I’ve had a full practice for many years, I am often not able to take on new clients in a timely fashion. In those cases, I’ll do my best to refer you to other excellent career coaches.

Trolling the Internet for job postings and submitting perfect applications is not going to land you a job. Your relentless focus must be on developing relationships that allow you to use the drawstring strategy to get into interview pools, deepening your digital footprint in your target field/occupation, and demonstrating differentiated value to prospective employers.

Best of luck to you, and please reach out if you’d like to register for a workshop or begin with individual coaching.

You can add me to your roster of success stories-- I was offered a job at [non-profit organization]! I will be the new [job title]. This has been an amazing experience, and I thank you for your inspiration along the way! I would love to buy you a coffee to thank you for the courage you bestowed upon me!

– F.A., Seattle

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