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During the pandemic, all workshops are being given on Zoom.

Tools for Transition

Tools for Transition is a soup-to-nuts workshop that walks you through all the steps necessary to accomplish a successful career transition or job search.

Whether landing a job, using tools like LinkedIn, launching your career after college or grad school, making a pivot midway through your career, returning to the job market after time out, or enhancing your professional growth in your current field — Tools for Transition provides comprehensive guidance for every step.

One participant called it “a blueprint for a strategic process to get from stuck to landed.”

Tools for Transition is offered in two formats – a 4-session format offered over consecutive Tuesdays and Thursdays each month, and an all-day format on Saturday every other month.

Tools for Transition Series

Launch, Pivot, or Grow Your Career

4-Session Series


Next Dates:

Tuesday, June 14, 4-6pm Pacific

Thursday, June 16, 4-6pm Pacific

Tuesday, June 21, 4-6pm Pacific

Thursday, June 23, 4-6pm Pacific

Live Zoom Webinar:
$98 for the entire series
$28 for each individual session

What you'll get:

  • Career assessment sent ahead of time
  • Strategy – to map yourself to the economic landscape
  • Personal narrative – to frame you compellingly
  • Developing and projecting a positive attitude
  • Best resume and cover letter formats
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn
  • How to bust the seams of your network even in a pandemic
  • Arranging and conducting informational meetings
  • Using the “drawstring strategy” to get into interview pools
  • How to “be a where you want to work”
  • Preparing for job interviews and salary negotiations

Ample time for Q&A is allowed in both formats — the one-day format and the 4-session format.

Tools for Transition Series, Session 1

Clarifying What You Want to Do Next: Career Assessment & Developing Your Strategy

Next Date: Tuesday, June 14, 4-6pm Pacific
Tools for Transition Series, Session 2
Develop your Personal Narrative & Resume; Optimize your LinkedIn Profile
Next Date: Thursday, June 16, 4-6pm Pacific
Tools for Transition Series, Session 3
Develop Cover Letter & References; Bust The Seams of Your Network; Informational Meetings to Get Into Interview Pools
Next Date: Tuesday, June 21, 4-6pm Pacific
Tools for Transition Series, Session 4
Preparing for Screening Interviews, Job Interviews, Salary Negotiation, & Landing Communications
Next Date: Thursday, June 23, 4-6pm Pacific

Upcoming 4-Session Series


14, 16, 21, 23

Zoom Webinar

12, 14, 19, 21

Zoom Webinar

13, 15, 20, 22

Zoom Webinar

Tools for Transition

Launch, Pivot, or Grow Your Career

All-Day Session


Next Date:

Saturday, May 7, 9am-3pm Pacific

Live Zoom Webinar $98

What's the difference?

The all-day format works best for people who want to get all this guidance in one fell swoop and don’t work on Saturdays. It’s offered on Saturday every other month, 9am-3pm Pacific.

The 4-session format works best for people who prefer to spend four 2-hour blocks of time. In this format, there is slightly more time for Q&A, and participants are asked to complete “homework” before each session. It’s offered every month except December.

Pricing is the same for both the one-day and 4-session formats: $98. The price includes a career assessment sent ahead of time and 25 detailed handouts corresponding to each stage of the career transition process.

If you prefer to take only one session of the 4-part series, those are priced individually at $28.

For “repeaters” who have taken the workshop previously, the price is $13.

Upcoming All-Day Sessions


May 7

9am-3pm Pacific

July 9

9am-3pm Pacific

September 10

9am-3pm Pacific
I think I might be in a little shock that I was able to make all of this happen. You’ve really given me so much confidence and made me realize that I do have good instincts. And I’m convinced that whatever magic you did on my resume really worked. I’ve never had so much response to it before. Thank you so much!!

- R.G., Nashville, TN

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