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Career Coaching Testimonials

Clients almost always write me after they've "landed" -- to thank me. Below you'll see some examples of their words.

Thank you so much for the mind-blowing insight you bring to what you do. You gave me the surge of confidence I had really not expected, and a very nicely marked trail head. Your comprehension of the very most important things made the conversation immediately easy and productive and comfortable.

- J.B., Seattle

I think I might be in a little shock that I was able to make all of this happen. You’ve really given me so much confidence and made me realize that I do have good instincts. And I’m convinced that whatever magic you did on my resume really worked. I’ve never had so much response to it before. Thank you so much!!

- R.G., Nashville, TN

Clearly I owe you another round of ardent THANK YOUs! My investment in your coaching is having immediate returns.

- K.K., Bellevue, WA

Thank you for your professional guidance during these six tumultuous months as I explored a range of job opportunities. I’m truly flabbergasted at how things worked out so well for me.

- S.D., St. Louis, MO

Your help has been instrumental in this process. Thank you so much for all of your advice, insight, and support. You are great at what you do.

- R.B., Seattle

Thank you for all of your help- your belief in me was transformative and so helpful.

- S.H., New Haven, CT

You can add me to your roster of success stories-- I was offered a job at [non-profit organization]! I will be the new [job title]. This has been an amazing experience, and I thank you for your inspiration along the way! I would love to buy you a coffee to thank you for the courage you bestowed upon me!

- F.A., Seattle

Wish I would have called you sooner. Worth every penny.

- C.S., Philadelphia

We think of you (and talk about you) often. You are high on our list of amazing people who changed our lives.

- S.L. and R.L., Seattle

You are worth ten times more!

- W.F., Austin, TX

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your advice and support.

- K.H., Seattle

I just accepted the offer from [company]! I’m very excited! I think I will be a great fit and learn a lot there. The base salary is $20K more than my last job with a $10K bonus, so I’m very happy! Thanks for all of your help during this process. You really helped me define my story and be much more effective in my search.

- M.F., Seattle

I've used several career coaches over the years and Elizabeth hands down has gotten me the support and results I really needed. Updated resume and LinkedIn - couldn't believe the immediate increase in traffic viewing my profile and reaching out w/in 24 hours! She's concise, says it like it is when coaching and incredibly responsive and conscientious. I truly feel she is worth every penny and has been a catalyst for positive change in my career.

- N.H., Seattle

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