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Workshop Testimonials

After every workshop, I send a survey to all participants and stress that their feedback will be 100% anonymous.

I rely on these survey findings to continuously improve the format and content of my workshops, and I’m incredibly proud that my NPS is almost always 100 — meaning that 100% of respondents reply “yes” to the question “Would you recommend this workshop to other people in career transition or in a job search?” For verbatim responses to workshop survey questions, please continue reading.

Excellent, valuable, and inspiring workshop. It shifted my job search mindset from ‘daunting and unknown’ to ‘doable and interesting’.

(March 2021)

Most valuable thing [about Tools for Transition] was Elizabeth’s attitude. Her energy is very supportive and encouraging. It's very motivating!

(February 2021)

This was an incredible workshop and I got SO much out of it -- thank you so much for offering this amazing service!!

(February 2021)

Stimulated new ideas and armed me with structure to navigate the most challenging aspects of the transition from discernment, to interview prep, to interview nerves, to negotiation.

(February 2021)

I appreciated how practical and grounded in reality the workshop was. That is what I need right now.

(February 2021)

I can't express enough gratitude for the workshop -- having the process explained as well as the resources for making sweeping changes to my approach to career transition.

(January 2021)

I would have paid more for this. [But] I really appreciate that you offer this workshop at an affordable price.

(January 2021)

The most informative and practical job search workshop I've ever attended.

(January 2021)

Your course is exceptional and I will highly recommend it to others. You vastly exceeded my expectations, and I feel very empowered to move forward.

(December 2020)

What an incredible amount of detail -- ideas on every single possible piece of the job search, from getting ideas and setting up confidence, to the thank you notes you write after landing the job. I had no idea there was so much I could be doing to find my dream job.

(December 2020)

I love the worksheets that really scaffold the many parts of the process. It's like having a very affordable career coach :).

(December 2020)

Thank you so much for the marvelous session on Saturday. It will take some time for me to gnaw on all the fine information that you presented. More than the information, however, I appreciated your thoughtful and empathetic affect, particularly during the Q&A. You have clear gifts for this work.

(December 2020)

Great information for people who don't even know where to begin.

(November 2020)

This was exactly what I needed. I walked away feeling incredibly empowered.

(October 2020)

You have given me the framework to make my transition. I was feeling a bit lost and also uninspired at work lately. Until I took this webinar, I didn't realize that I can be more intentional about the jobs I seek. It was really eye opening.

(September 2020)

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