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Workshop Testimonials

After every workshop, I send a survey to all participants and stress that their feedback will be 100% anonymous.

I rely on survey findings to continuously improve the format and content of my workshops.

I’m incredibly proud that my NPS is almost always 100 — meaning that 100% of respondents reply “yes” to the question “Would you recommend this workshop to other people in career transition or in a job search?”.

For verbatim responses to my workshop survey questions, please continue reading:

Thank you for a fantastic workshop, Elizabeth. Every session, I came away with so many things I needed to do -- immediately!

(February 2023)

A series of insights on how recruiters and hiring manager look at the things we job-seekers do -- and it was great Elizabeth made it clear what to do differently and why.

(February 2023)

Incredibly helpful resources, templates, and handouts!

(February 2023)

I now have much more confidence that I know the steps I need to take to land a job I really want.

(February 2023)

Terrific course on how to successfully land a job post-pandemic.

(February 2023)

Helpful, actionable, and informative.

(February 2023)

A current 2023 review of how the job search actually works, with do's and don'ts.

(February 2023)

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