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Why Hire A Career Coach?

People hire career coaches for many reasons -- some short-term and immediate in nature, and some longer-term. Here are 25 reasons you may want to hire one!

Hire a career coach to help you…

    • Update your resume and LinkedIn
    • Optimize your LinkedIn profile so that you’ll be found by recruiters and hiring managers in an active job search
    • Optimize your LinkedIn profile to align with all your professional pursuits
    • Develop and project a positive attitude
    • Ensure that your personal narrative is both compelling and authentic
    • Craft persuasive cover letters and outreach emails
    • Create a list of references to share with employers
    • Prepare for phone screens and job interviews
    • Navigate through a thorny situation at work
    • Get a promotion or move from individual contributor to manager
    • Process a painful termination or layoff and identify the best way to describe it
    • Launch your career after college or grad school
    • Make a career transition into a different field/occupation
    • Undertake career reflection and assessment to determine the best path for you
    • Sharpen your job-hunt strategy to target growing fields where more candidates are needed
    • Learn (once and for all!) how to conduct informational meetings
    • Expand your network skillfully
    • Use network connections to get into interview pools
    • Receive regular coaching (e.g. once a month) to improve your job performance
    • Nail a finalist job interview
    • Negotiate a compensation package
    • Curate a portfolio of income streams
    • Have a sounding board with a neutral party on a temporary or long-term basis
    • Decide whether or not to pursue graduate school
    • Get support and guidance on your grad school applications

I can help you with one of these, or with several. My work is customized to the needs of each client and there is no commitment to a particular number of hours or a package of services. I allow two hours for every client meeting/call, but you may conclude the meeting/call whenever you like and I will invoice accordingly.

Thank you again for meeting with L. You are so great at what you do and will have an amazing impact on many people’s lives. It's amazing what just a few hours with L. did for jump-starting a job search and more importantly a career path. You are truly talented in what you do.

– H.D., Seattle

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