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During the pandemic, all workshops are being given on Zoom.

Level Up Your LinkedIn

Once you optimize your LinkedIn to spotlight your most valuable skills and what you can accomplish for employers, you'll be found by recruiters and hiring managers.

“Is my job secure? Should I be preparing for a job search or career transition?” If these questions keep you up at night, attend this webinar to burnish your LinkedIn — your 24/7 “billboard” to the world.

One participant (2021) said, “Outstanding workshop! I loved the specificity of the information and gained an appreciation for the power of the platform.”

Even if you’re not looking for a job right now, book this session to keep yourself current on how LinkedIn can support your professional growth.

Level Up Your LinkedIn

Be Found In a Job Search


Next Date:

Tuesday, June 7, 4-6pm Pacific

Zoom Webinar $49


If you already have Zoom installed, great! I’ll send you the meeting invitation including meeting ID and Password.

If you don’t have Zoom installed, please feel free to download it now.

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This webinar is not for the beginning or advanced LinkedIn user, but is ideal for those somewhere in the middle — your LinkedIn profile needs some work, you don’t completely understand why LinkedIn is so important, and you need to learn LinkedIn best practices so that recruiters will reach out to you and you can be selected for interview pools, consulting engagements, and board searches.

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I just accepted the offer from [company]! I’m very excited! I think I will be a great fit and learn a lot there. The base salary is $20K more than my last job with a $10K bonus, so I’m very happy! Thanks for all of your help during this process. You really helped me define my story and be much more effective in my search.

- M.F., Seattle

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